Groups Available

Here's a slide show of the music groups displaying at random order.

For your events, the best individual will be chosen to form the group from the pool of talented and experienced performers at Jason Geh Entertainment depending on availability

You can control the slide show by hovering your mouse on the top of the photos (pause, play, forward, speed). To reveal details of the music group, just click on the photo




Singer, Keyboard

Singer, Piano

Singer/Guitar, Sax

Singer/Bass, Keyboard


Singer, Sax, Keyboard

Singer, Sax/Conga, Keyboard

Singer/Bass, Sax, Keyboard

Singer, Bass/Singer, Keyboard

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Keyboard

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Bass

Singer, Violin, Keyboard

Singer, Er hu, Keyboard

Singer x 2, Keyboard

Singer/Guitar, Sax, Bass

Singer/Guitar, Sax/Conga, Bass

Singer/Guitar, Guitar, Conga

Sax, Keyboard, Bass

Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Sax, Guitar, Bass

Sax, Er hu, Keyboard

Sax, Violin, Keyboard

String Trio

Electric Violin Group

Club Band (Singer, Keyboard/Singer, Guitar)


Singer, Guitar/Singer, Sax, Keyboard

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Violin, Keyboard

Singer, Bass/Singer, Sax, Keyboard

Singer/Guitar, Sax, Bass, Conga

Singer/Bass, Sax, Violin, Keyboard

Singer/Bass, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Conga

Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Singer, Keyboard, Bass, Drum

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Bass, Drum

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Er hu, Keyboard

Singer, Violin, Sax, Keyboard

Singer, Er Hu, Sax, Keyboard

Singer/Bass, Er Hu, Sax, Keyboard

Chinese Flute, Er Hu, Keyboard, Drum

Sax, Guitar, Keyboard, Conga

Sax, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass

Sax, Violin, Piano, Bass

Violin, Keyboard, Bass, Drum

String Quartet


Singer, Guitar/Singer, Sax, Er hu, Keyboard

Singer, Bass/Singer, Sax, Er hu, Keyboard

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Sax, Violin, Keyboard

Singer/Guitar, Bass/Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Singer, Bass/Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Percussion

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Sax, Keyboard, Drum


Singer, Guitar, Bass, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Singer, Guitar/Singer, Bass, Sax, Keyboard, Drum

Mariachi Band


String Orchestra

Chinese Chamber Orchestra

Emcee / MC